Saturday, November 28, 2009

Our busyness,time fly's

The last date I posted was in January 2009, have I kept all those things bottled up for that long? I am sitting by a beautiful young lady and she is writing in a journal, I have one of those at home,not to be written in as almost as long as this one. There is no point in this writing' except to get my fingers working again, of course I will have to go back an check for mistakes, I do facebook quite often so I'm not that bad.
The original intent in this post was the realization that I have not posted for so long, and as all of you, there has been so much that has happened as the time has flown by so consistantly as time doe's.
I count it a blessing to still be around although as an existant I am alive, going here and there almost like a zombie at times with purpose only in the relm that applies to family and imediate members there of, in which I enjoy my role, I have grandkids and I do take that role on with great and immence seriousness. Our children and grandchildren need so much input and guidence still, the grandchildren of course more so, because time flies and if we don't particepate in those lives then our influence goes by the wayside.
I think it a travisty if I hold my love in and not freely spend it on my family, time is much equal to love, and our little grandkids need all we can give.
I belive times are changing and our country is not helping the family tradition stay strong, we are being undermined and devalued, if we don't do our part by doing what we can in our immediate families then TIME is going to slide on by and we will sit there and wonder, where did the time go? And more regrettibly, Why didn't I pay attention.
I turn my thinking back in my mental time clock, I lost my grandson who wasn't born yet, at five months in his mommy, he is not able to expierience time, He is forever with Jesus, He will not know time as we know it, but we, his family will always wonder what times we would have had together with Him? This thought should spur us on to spend the time we do have with our loved ones differently from the norm we hold many times, if you are one who holds these values then it will bless your family and those around you and therefore be an influence in this world and our country, Bless you for doing your part with and in your family, you are a Hero for your family, and we as hero's don't need to be recognized for our deeds except where it counts, in those lives we touch.

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