Saturday, June 13, 2009


I was awoken to look at what seemed to be a dream, as I looked I was entering a big building through a side door as were many people. I noticed the main entrance facing the street was hardly being used, strange I thought, intrigged by this I stood at a window watching a few come straggling in that main door.There standing on the outside is a person who I could see as these shodow's of other's would take out a key and let themselve's in as they entered around the strange person standing by the door. I thought He was a door man or a greeter, but He never once openned the door for any of those that entered and they would quickly close the door not letting the stranger sneak in behind them, pecqullier I thought!
My attention was drawn to some commotion going on in the autatorium where a host of shadowy figure's were milling about, not really doing anything that looked inviting, but I wandered in to see if I could get involved, but was turned aside because I wasn't able to show a key.
There are hundreds of people coming into the main room through side door's from four corner's of this big room but they too are standing around the outside looking in at what appear's to be three or four separate groups or team's, if they are some kind of team? It's totally clear that they are not working toward any particular goal, and the team's roster is full, because as others try to engage, they are also turned away for lack of having a key, It's like the one's in the middle know we are in the building, which they don't seem to mind, but at the same time they know who possess key's and those who do not.
There is some kind of belonging that I can't put my finger on and some strange feeling of wanting to belong without invitation it's obvious you will not be welcomed to these special team's what ever they are.
There is a familiar sound coming from the main entrance, a tap, tap and another tap, no one seem's to hear it although everyone standing around that are not part of the festivities know someone want's in, why? I wonder doesn't He come around to the side door, we got in that way, although clearly not welcome we are in.
Ignored by all that entered with a key none would let Him in until all inside heard the one still patciantly standing at the front door, in a quite yet audible voice say"Behold I stand at the door and knock."
Is someone going to let him in the building at least?

Friday, June 5, 2009

Ever changing LIFE

Just thinking.........passing time just thinking. I keep being amazed at life, thing's that happen and sometime's we don't stop and look at this stuff going on around us,I seem to just make adjustments without thinking that there is anything different, and just keep on keeping on.
God however is in control of these ever changing thing's in our live's and just want's us to acknowledge HIM as being in control, something I am not very good at, and so I think HE must keep putting thing's in front of me until I"get it", thankfully HE is very patient with me, very thankful.
The very thing that make's me come to this thought is, Kristina, my very first niece, who not too long ago was in that life threatenning accident. God must still be amazed at the slowness of some of us who take so long to get these message's. That accident affected so many people accross this country, and so many people rushed to gather around Krissy, though many didn't even know her but still rallied around her, I think because we all down deep inside ourselve's know how very fragile life is, and we hope that by coming together in prayer before the Creator that it in someway will help us come to a closer relationship with not only each other but strengthen our own faith.
Thing's in life happen for a reason, I am looking forward to this weekend and next weekend, because Krissy's family is coming together in celebration of a family member graduating from high school, what a way to start life, with family coming together ,and what a place to start healing of family relation's in a place and event of a kid's moving on in life, Oh son be aware of the many life changing event's in your life too come.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Time....Where did it go.

I was walking out the door of the place I worked for twenty year's and remember thinking I don't have very much time to waste before I need to get another job. I was making call's to invite people to my mother's 89 th. birthday, arranging for food, place's for family to stay, reunion's of people in youth group, thinking I'll never get this ready in time.
Well I have been on my own employment in contracting work now for over a year, God has supplied each day, and new thing's seem to roll in at just the right time.
Mother's birthday came in April, it's june already, we all thought winter was never going to end, time kept moving and we are alway's surprized by that, doesn't stop and wait for us.
I have been not able to input here, just because I wouldn't shut down in time to take the time to input. It's that way with everything in life, if we don't stop to particepate in whatever, the show goe's on and we miss out.
I am talking to myself here, you don't have to listen, but I hope I have the gumpsion and energy to continue on in my grandkid's live's, and be able to make good contribution's of positive input to their live's, I figure, if I can do a better job of this than I did as a parent, then I may have fullfilled my purpose in life.
The balance of four thing's in life are critical to families staying together, spending time, investing time, sharing time, keeping track of time. Did I do a good job of those four thing's? Time will tell, won't it??
In order to reinvest in this thought, I must move on with the grandchildren, I know of two family friend's of mine who don't get the opportunity at all and this really kill's them, so I am taking note of that.
I love you Kathy my wife
I love you Tina my daughter
I love you Michelle my daughter
I love you Abby my granddaughter
I love you Stephanie my granddaughter
I love you Kaitcha my granddaughter
I love you Karson my grandson
I love you my family
I love you my friend's
I hope I have enough time to go around, I will do my best at trying to maintain the balance my time left on this earth for each of you.
My goodness look at the time, how fast it goe's by.