Tuesday, January 27, 2009

When Angel's connect

The two girls sat on their beds with legs crossed and kinda leanning towards each other, they were trying to maintain their giggles by putting a hand over the mouth to muffle the uncontrollable noise that only sisters can relate too.
Of course they were up past the wisper stag, an hour past that they knew mom and dad had fallen into that zombie never,never land, and the two of them became comfortable now out of the blankets and sitting on top with the night light on now, talking, oh yeh, and then more talking, they go to school together, ride home together, play all day together all the while talking! What do they talk about? Sisters are sisters right, So that should tell you something, everything, they talk about everything!
Their boy friend, their first kiss with that boy, and then its the other sisters turn.
I have two daughters, I am qualified to say a few words about this subject, and as a matter of fact I am talking about them, yes they are all grown up now and have children of their own, soon enough they will be going through this stage them selves.
Over eighteen years or so they bond like nothing else bonds and know each other by the slightest little twitch of the eye, tone of voice and even body language, Yes to a father these are very mysterious things, but its true, I am wittness of this phenomenon.
It's no surprize to me that my daughters cousin's are thus included in this girls only club of behaviour.
This is no longer a theory of mine, I belive it to be one of the facts of life that can't be taught.
My oldest niece was in a coma recently and the day before her little sister saw it happennig, and it did happen. While making the long trip to the hospital where Krissy had been taken to,

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Hedge

I have been a "Beliver" for as long as I can remember, although I am not such a good follower and get distracted fairly easy, I hope God understands that certain children are prone to these (qualities?). And I know He knows.
So one day when I was in the follow mode, My daughters wanted to become followers of Christ also, it was a sunday and Kathy and I were thrilled.
The whole church gathered on the Columbia river in this little town called Northport, in northwest Washington. And Pastor "Dave" baptized both of my daughters.
My walk with the Lord was something I'll never forget and every where I went, wether walking or driving, chopping wood or burning wood, eating or sleeping, talking or being silent, I wanted to be with Him, it was a very special time in my life.
I remember one sunday, in worship we were singing and every emotion was flowing out of my heart and I felt like I was truely in The Presence of The Lord, and although I have never spoke in "tongues", I was caught up in that presence, everything around me went silent and I was not present in spirit as I stood the with my hands claspt together, when I was finished or He was finished with me(I think he had more to do in it than I), I was standing there all by myself,everyone else was sitting and for how long I don't know and when I openned my eyes it was like coming out of a coma, unlike Krissy's.
As I stood there everyone was quiter than silence and the Pastor stood and asked me if I had a "word"? and as I sat down I said NO?
This was sometime before the baptizium of my daughters so now I'm standing on the beach of the Columbia river and the Pastor asked me to pray for my daughters, we were all gathered around and my daughters in the middle,Pastors hands on the girls and everyone touching each other on the shoulders, I paused taking in the moment and in awe searching for the words to bless my daughters with, and the same thing happened again, as I put myself before God. I knew at that moment we were in His presence and He was listenning to my petition,Here is the reason for all that I've just said,He has KEPT His Promise of keeping a Hedge of protection around my daughters as I asked Him to do all those years ago, I thank Him for His faithfulness towards us when we come before Him, I don't ever want to be flippant or loose in my attitude towards Him, I will always Address Him as " My Heavenly Father!" And furthermore I will not be presumptsuos as to thinking I am anything more than I am, He is GOD and I don't have to show people that I have this casual relationship with Him. That's just me, I want to Thank You God for That hedge of protection you put around my family. Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I belive in Your Angels, and I'm asking You Our Heavenly Father to do what you do, how ever you do it,Please tend to Krissy, Thank You, Amen.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Kristinas Angels

The Morning is very thick with fog and it settles on you like snow powder. People are moving about, and the traffic is slowly backing up on the streets and the street lights seem brite because of the heavy fog.
I notice people looking about and glancing up at the sky as if trying to see something they know is there but they are trying to get a glimpse of what ever is distracting them, you can almost feel a warmth in the air, even though you know the thick fog is icey cold, I hear a silent calming song in the air also, but really can't hear anything at all, its strange but at the same time comforting and warming to the core of my being and I feel like there is someone walking beside me, I glance and kinda step aside to let them go on by me , but there's nobody on my part of the sidewalk. As I come to the entrance of the hospital the sounds of a million angels swirlled about and the fog is dissapated in a flash, and it sounds like dove's wings fluttering all around, the sun instantly appears and floods the surrounding area with a warm briteness taking over the morning. As I look towards the west I see the fog billowing and churnning as if someone were blowing smoke away from a fire and it never comes back. My thoughts are no longer dreary and clouded, and I seem more alert and everything has a newness and freshness to it, why the buildings all seem to have a fresh coat of white paint on them and reflection of a gold color flashes in the corners of my eye's. I have to stop, I'm almost dizzy and light headed, was that because I stooped down to pick up a penny I just found on the sidewalk? I realize suddenly, I'm no where near a hospital at all, as a matter of fact I hear someone say,"Sir? will that be your usual, grande coffee, black, right?".....uh, yes,yes thank you,Yes Krissy's in good hand's,yes thank you. Well good sir, I'm glad she's going to be OK, have a good day now.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Self made man

I have never been to a trade school or had any formal schooling since high school.
I have had a job ever since I was fourteen years old, I started a hedge trimming business when I was sixteen, I have had a job ever since.
I recently resigned my job as a millwright after working that job for twenty years.
I don't concider to be self centered,I like people and and I enjoy doing things for people, especially my loved ones.
The main problem I'm having in dealing with my niece's health issue's right now is that I can't fix her, I can't help her, I am used to taking action or jumping in to accomplish the task at hand, bring it on, I'll take it on.
I've taken a 327 chevy motor ot of the car, taken it completely apart, put new parts back in it and put it all back together, put it back in the car and turned the key and it fires right up and purr's like a kitten.
So having to make myself who I am on my own merit and using my God given abilities
to become that "self made man" is now fairly frustrating to me and alot more useless.
A good friend of mine told me to "trust in God and lean not into my own understanding" Having concidered this, I know I need to learn how to "trust in someone else". Easier said than done by this little Eskimo boy.

Monday, January 19, 2009

When hangin' gets loose.

I went to my house project today, not wanting to be there, I have this ache in my heart for Kristina Dawn. So my mind wandered while I worked, keeeping my hands busy helps me and I think better that way too.
I'll tend to get loose with my walk in The Lord when the day in and the day out stuff is just coasting along, and thats how it's been lately.
I don't like this kinda' stuff Kristina is going through and I don't like to have my attention got by someone having to go through this kinda' crap.
So today was filled with some anger,and it probably doesn't help that I'm still emotionally tired. Actually wore out and drug through the dooky is more what I was thinking.
I am only her uncle for crying out loud, but I love family and my insides are almost to come outside, but the real problem is not my guts, its my inner being, the one that wants to question God, I say it backwards from the Appostle Paul, "My spirit is weak", not that my flesh is strong, not doing too good there either.
I know there are lots of christians who could "fix" me with their "sayings" and the look at your walk thing, but it is just not helping me to "hang" at this point.
Have to believe, have to trust, God is faithful, it's hard looking at Krissy,in that bed not moving and I'm thinking "why so drastic".
It's becoming complicated for me right now, so maybe thats why I'm alittle loose with my hangin'. HEY, It's my Blog!!!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Heritage Girl

As I think and take time to pray for my niece,Kristina Dawn, There are some memories that come to me. Kristina was in a bad car accident last wednesday and has been in a coma every since, althought she is starting to come out she is still in very rough shape. So my ramblings are dedicated to her and her complete recovery.
Krissy is a beautiful Eskimo girl and when she was a young teenager she entered a pagent of some sort and it was fun for me to go and show support as I would do for my own daughters in anything they participated in, I also wanted to be involved in my nieces lives. I was amazed at the quick tranformation in Krissy as she started out on this adventure and the pride I saw in this young lady as she let that side of her be exposed to anything and everything anyone who might want to take a shot at her,at any point this is a hard buisiness to handle when your are an adult let alone a very young teenager, Krissy held her head up and gave it her best shot and I was Proud of her for stepping out and trying, I remeber thinking all the other girls had been raised up going to all kinds of pagents and contests, but Krissy just wanted to try it that one time, she didn't win it but she put alot of pride in the hearts of her family, I was proud to have had the opportunity to be there for that.
These memories are of things that were not easy to participate in and I remember one other contest she took part in and went all the way to the finish line, This took place in Seward, Alaska. Kristina and her father entered in whats call "The Mount Marathon Race", they start out in the streets of this little fishing town and run towards this mountain and then have to climb and scale about five thousand feet up to the top and then come back down and cross the finish line, "Here she comes!" we all yelled, and she was giving it all she had, dragging herself across the finish line, tears of actual pain were streaming down her face, she was covered in mud and looked like the mountain tryed to wrestle her down and make her apart of the mountain, she looked like she had been swallowed up by that mountain but she fought back and came out to conquer it instead.
I looked at Kristina lying there in the hospital bed, fighting to breath, not knowing there were family and loved ones standing by watching her again in this race, in this fight, participating galliantly to stay in this game of life, Krissy you are a winner and we were all there by your bed as you showed us how to fight.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I at one time became tired of living, the struggle, always fighting to exist, it seems I always had to prove myself to someone somewhere, not sometime but it seemed all the time. I thought I knew who I was and tried to be my own man, forgetting that peer pressure had a hold an me too, this peer pressure is not selective it affects us all, and I was involved in it still, it didn't go away after adolescence. So in sorting all that out and, I began the fight to gain my life back, the accuser had taken some of my life and crushed me to the point that I wanted to end my life. While I stood in my niece's ICU room, I saw her fighting for breath, I saw pain, and I saw her laying there in a coma, yet she just wanted to have that chance to get her life back, at this point everything in this life come's into a perspective I haven't looked at in quite some time, I don't think Krissy was woried about her checking account, probably wasn't concerned about her truck being in a mangled heep. To me this is a quandry state, in one sence she is at peace, nothing matters, and we would like to have that same kind of peace, without the hassles of life,but yet to be alive, on the other hand She wants to be alive and would be able to handle all the hassles, oh how do we become like her and yet live. Yes there is an answer, surrender, like dangerous surrender, This has been difficult for me to do and so Krissy has a better chance of surviving than I do in her present state. So God please continue to do your thing with Krissy, and if You would, eek a little my way, not to take any away from Krissy though. thanks Kenneth

Little Eskimo girl.

And she is a fighter, fighting for life right now as because she crashed her dogsled, crushing her . And in that crash the accuser tried to take her life away from Kristina but she reached out to the giver of life and He is reaching back down to her, sustaining her with new strength and new life like we may never know, although Kristina will be there to help show us the way and be a giver of life to many, many people that she has just began to touch through this tragic accident. This dogsled, a Ford pickup truck, a mangled hunk of steel, reaching in and surrounding her, trying to trap her inside its unforgiving fortress, It could not hold her, There was too much Love out there, and Kristina, reaching from deep down inside found that thin thread called Hope! That thin thread was there because on the other end of that thread was a foundation that had deep roots and those roots were grounded and firm and when Kristina reached out and made that last ditch effort to hang on, It was there for Her. And that was the voice from her husband, that touch from her children, the tears that dropped on Kristina from her Loved ones who stood and talked to her in reassuring voices that come from friends and family. We will all welcome you back Kristina, just as if you never even left. With love, your uncle, Kenneth