Saturday, January 17, 2009

Little Eskimo girl.

And she is a fighter, fighting for life right now as because she crashed her dogsled, crushing her . And in that crash the accuser tried to take her life away from Kristina but she reached out to the giver of life and He is reaching back down to her, sustaining her with new strength and new life like we may never know, although Kristina will be there to help show us the way and be a giver of life to many, many people that she has just began to touch through this tragic accident. This dogsled, a Ford pickup truck, a mangled hunk of steel, reaching in and surrounding her, trying to trap her inside its unforgiving fortress, It could not hold her, There was too much Love out there, and Kristina, reaching from deep down inside found that thin thread called Hope! That thin thread was there because on the other end of that thread was a foundation that had deep roots and those roots were grounded and firm and when Kristina reached out and made that last ditch effort to hang on, It was there for Her. And that was the voice from her husband, that touch from her children, the tears that dropped on Kristina from her Loved ones who stood and talked to her in reassuring voices that come from friends and family. We will all welcome you back Kristina, just as if you never even left. With love, your uncle, Kenneth

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