Sunday, January 18, 2009

Heritage Girl

As I think and take time to pray for my niece,Kristina Dawn, There are some memories that come to me. Kristina was in a bad car accident last wednesday and has been in a coma every since, althought she is starting to come out she is still in very rough shape. So my ramblings are dedicated to her and her complete recovery.
Krissy is a beautiful Eskimo girl and when she was a young teenager she entered a pagent of some sort and it was fun for me to go and show support as I would do for my own daughters in anything they participated in, I also wanted to be involved in my nieces lives. I was amazed at the quick tranformation in Krissy as she started out on this adventure and the pride I saw in this young lady as she let that side of her be exposed to anything and everything anyone who might want to take a shot at her,at any point this is a hard buisiness to handle when your are an adult let alone a very young teenager, Krissy held her head up and gave it her best shot and I was Proud of her for stepping out and trying, I remeber thinking all the other girls had been raised up going to all kinds of pagents and contests, but Krissy just wanted to try it that one time, she didn't win it but she put alot of pride in the hearts of her family, I was proud to have had the opportunity to be there for that.
These memories are of things that were not easy to participate in and I remember one other contest she took part in and went all the way to the finish line, This took place in Seward, Alaska. Kristina and her father entered in whats call "The Mount Marathon Race", they start out in the streets of this little fishing town and run towards this mountain and then have to climb and scale about five thousand feet up to the top and then come back down and cross the finish line, "Here she comes!" we all yelled, and she was giving it all she had, dragging herself across the finish line, tears of actual pain were streaming down her face, she was covered in mud and looked like the mountain tryed to wrestle her down and make her apart of the mountain, she looked like she had been swallowed up by that mountain but she fought back and came out to conquer it instead.
I looked at Kristina lying there in the hospital bed, fighting to breath, not knowing there were family and loved ones standing by watching her again in this race, in this fight, participating galliantly to stay in this game of life, Krissy you are a winner and we were all there by your bed as you showed us how to fight.

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