Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Kristinas Angels

The Morning is very thick with fog and it settles on you like snow powder. People are moving about, and the traffic is slowly backing up on the streets and the street lights seem brite because of the heavy fog.
I notice people looking about and glancing up at the sky as if trying to see something they know is there but they are trying to get a glimpse of what ever is distracting them, you can almost feel a warmth in the air, even though you know the thick fog is icey cold, I hear a silent calming song in the air also, but really can't hear anything at all, its strange but at the same time comforting and warming to the core of my being and I feel like there is someone walking beside me, I glance and kinda step aside to let them go on by me , but there's nobody on my part of the sidewalk. As I come to the entrance of the hospital the sounds of a million angels swirlled about and the fog is dissapated in a flash, and it sounds like dove's wings fluttering all around, the sun instantly appears and floods the surrounding area with a warm briteness taking over the morning. As I look towards the west I see the fog billowing and churnning as if someone were blowing smoke away from a fire and it never comes back. My thoughts are no longer dreary and clouded, and I seem more alert and everything has a newness and freshness to it, why the buildings all seem to have a fresh coat of white paint on them and reflection of a gold color flashes in the corners of my eye's. I have to stop, I'm almost dizzy and light headed, was that because I stooped down to pick up a penny I just found on the sidewalk? I realize suddenly, I'm no where near a hospital at all, as a matter of fact I hear someone say,"Sir? will that be your usual, grande coffee, black, right?".....uh, yes,yes thank you,Yes Krissy's in good hand's,yes thank you. Well good sir, I'm glad she's going to be OK, have a good day now.


  1. Dad,
    This was beautifully written! I love you!

  2. I agree with Tina. You have a way of putting things into words. I love you! Praying for you today.