Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Self made man

I have never been to a trade school or had any formal schooling since high school.
I have had a job ever since I was fourteen years old, I started a hedge trimming business when I was sixteen, I have had a job ever since.
I recently resigned my job as a millwright after working that job for twenty years.
I don't concider to be self centered,I like people and and I enjoy doing things for people, especially my loved ones.
The main problem I'm having in dealing with my niece's health issue's right now is that I can't fix her, I can't help her, I am used to taking action or jumping in to accomplish the task at hand, bring it on, I'll take it on.
I've taken a 327 chevy motor ot of the car, taken it completely apart, put new parts back in it and put it all back together, put it back in the car and turned the key and it fires right up and purr's like a kitten.
So having to make myself who I am on my own merit and using my God given abilities
to become that "self made man" is now fairly frustrating to me and alot more useless.
A good friend of mine told me to "trust in God and lean not into my own understanding" Having concidered this, I know I need to learn how to "trust in someone else". Easier said than done by this little Eskimo boy.


  1. Uncle, I'm not sure what I can say to you that can help you or make this any easier for you. All I know is that God TRULY is in control! I hate the feeling of not being able to fix something - to be helpless! But, I think, those are the times when God is testing us. When He wants to see if we are really going to trust Him. I know that I have been in situations like that before and, yes, it is angering to hear people say, "you just have to trust God". More than once, I have failed this test of my faith. So, even though I hate hearing it over and over, I know that it is great advice! I apologize if you think that I sound "preachy", I just wanted to say that I know where you're coming from. I am praying for you a lot! Please keep your head up - don't give in this easily! God's hand is in this and He knows what's best for Kris! I love you dearly, Uncle!

  2. Dad,
    I am so proud of what you have accomplished over the years! You are not a quitter and it's a quality I admire most about you. You work hard, always have. I consider this one of the greatest gifts you taught me in my own life. You're an inspiration to me! You are such a giving man, you give everything you have and more to those that need you. This is a gift from God. I too struggle with the feeling of helplessness and not being able to heal Krissy. I know that I am not powerful enough to heal her, so I pray for God to guide surgeons hands, guide nurses in caring for Kris and making her as comfortable as possible. This is where I find my peace. We are all here for you to lean on, we love you, we support you, we stand beside you as we all struggle to trust in God's healing hands. I love you Dad and I thank God everyday for blessing my life with such an incredible family!