Tuesday, January 27, 2009

When Angel's connect

The two girls sat on their beds with legs crossed and kinda leanning towards each other, they were trying to maintain their giggles by putting a hand over the mouth to muffle the uncontrollable noise that only sisters can relate too.
Of course they were up past the wisper stag, an hour past that they knew mom and dad had fallen into that zombie never,never land, and the two of them became comfortable now out of the blankets and sitting on top with the night light on now, talking, oh yeh, and then more talking, they go to school together, ride home together, play all day together all the while talking! What do they talk about? Sisters are sisters right, So that should tell you something, everything, they talk about everything!
Their boy friend, their first kiss with that boy, and then its the other sisters turn.
I have two daughters, I am qualified to say a few words about this subject, and as a matter of fact I am talking about them, yes they are all grown up now and have children of their own, soon enough they will be going through this stage them selves.
Over eighteen years or so they bond like nothing else bonds and know each other by the slightest little twitch of the eye, tone of voice and even body language, Yes to a father these are very mysterious things, but its true, I am wittness of this phenomenon.
It's no surprize to me that my daughters cousin's are thus included in this girls only club of behaviour.
This is no longer a theory of mine, I belive it to be one of the facts of life that can't be taught.
My oldest niece was in a coma recently and the day before her little sister saw it happennig, and it did happen. While making the long trip to the hospital where Krissy had been taken to,

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  1. Kenneth... What to say to this, My sister IS MY BEST FRIEND. I am truely blessed to have her. I am also lucky to have other "sisters" to share the joy and pain with. I can't wait to wrap my arms around them again and give them some of my strenghth... This blog is beautifully written. Circles to you... Sheryl