Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Hedge

I have been a "Beliver" for as long as I can remember, although I am not such a good follower and get distracted fairly easy, I hope God understands that certain children are prone to these (qualities?). And I know He knows.
So one day when I was in the follow mode, My daughters wanted to become followers of Christ also, it was a sunday and Kathy and I were thrilled.
The whole church gathered on the Columbia river in this little town called Northport, in northwest Washington. And Pastor "Dave" baptized both of my daughters.
My walk with the Lord was something I'll never forget and every where I went, wether walking or driving, chopping wood or burning wood, eating or sleeping, talking or being silent, I wanted to be with Him, it was a very special time in my life.
I remember one sunday, in worship we were singing and every emotion was flowing out of my heart and I felt like I was truely in The Presence of The Lord, and although I have never spoke in "tongues", I was caught up in that presence, everything around me went silent and I was not present in spirit as I stood the with my hands claspt together, when I was finished or He was finished with me(I think he had more to do in it than I), I was standing there all by myself,everyone else was sitting and for how long I don't know and when I openned my eyes it was like coming out of a coma, unlike Krissy's.
As I stood there everyone was quiter than silence and the Pastor stood and asked me if I had a "word"? and as I sat down I said NO?
This was sometime before the baptizium of my daughters so now I'm standing on the beach of the Columbia river and the Pastor asked me to pray for my daughters, we were all gathered around and my daughters in the middle,Pastors hands on the girls and everyone touching each other on the shoulders, I paused taking in the moment and in awe searching for the words to bless my daughters with, and the same thing happened again, as I put myself before God. I knew at that moment we were in His presence and He was listenning to my petition,Here is the reason for all that I've just said,He has KEPT His Promise of keeping a Hedge of protection around my daughters as I asked Him to do all those years ago, I thank Him for His faithfulness towards us when we come before Him, I don't ever want to be flippant or loose in my attitude towards Him, I will always Address Him as " My Heavenly Father!" And furthermore I will not be presumptsuos as to thinking I am anything more than I am, He is GOD and I don't have to show people that I have this casual relationship with Him. That's just me, I want to Thank You God for That hedge of protection you put around my family. Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I belive in Your Angels, and I'm asking You Our Heavenly Father to do what you do, how ever you do it,Please tend to Krissy, Thank You, Amen.

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