Monday, February 2, 2009

Bhaa Bhaa Black Sheep

You automaticly know who this is going to be about, yes your's truely. For some reason God made me with that wandering heart and like the little courious lamb I get to taking to the dangerous spots to graze and end up down the cliff on my nose or flat on my butt, wondering why this happened to me!
While I am trying to regain my conscienceness from the fall, I am wondering, "am I not missing" from the rest of the flock? Surely they must notice by now? Doe's the sheppard not recognize me as one of his? There are no such things as sheep hustler's, so I didn't get wranggled by thieve's or have I, the sheppard wouldn't know and in my case he must not care. Sheppards don't make cliff call's anymore I guess! I know my wool is different than all the other sheep,mine's black and their's is white, this isolates me right out of the chute and when your a black sheep you get treated differently too, So I have been able to adapt to that and have had to become tougher skinned and baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaing, never helped. Once I find a way up this cliff, do I ram the next fence down and go out on my own and try to find another sheppard that will love me for my black wool? I know in my life time I have taken a few two by fours to the head, I don't know if I was a dumb sheep before being beat over the head or if it's because I was beat, I do know one thing, my head hurts big time and its confussed, like in a fog. Well maybe one of these days someone will sheer the wool and make me a buddist monk, least I wouldn't be a black sheep anymore.

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