Monday, February 23, 2009

Church or Jesus

I heard a man say he grew up in Church, he is fourty year's old and has been in church forty year's and nine month's.
I believe in The Man Jesus, God's only son, born on this planet, to be the only one to be able to bring us to God. I struggle so much in this flesh, so that must mean I don't have a personnal relationship with The Man Jesus and that's probably why I don't fit into Central Christian Church, I am of unequal yoke's for those people, I have not been to their church for a couple month's, nor have I wanted too just for that reason, when your shunned or made to feel like you have to prove your self, who want's to be in church?
I am working on a house, the owner got into some trouble with the law, and he feel's like a low life, I can not turn my back on this man as a friend, I can not judge this man as a friend, I am there for this man, I bailed this man out of jail, and signed to be responsible for him until his court date, I dare say there is not a single church person that would do that for me. Shame on us, Shame on the church, SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are right, I am making a statement about the church, but it is not without experience of their care, and I know they would turn it around and put it on me, and that's fine, I probably deserve that, but at the same time that's a fine welcome to our modern day church, and how , I say that again,AND HOW? HOW CAN I TAKE THIS FRIEND OF MINE, WHO IS FEELING LIKE A LOW LIFE TO A CHURCH WHO DOES'NT CARE FOR THEIR MEMBER'S?????????? That's a QUESTION?
Can you feel the frustration I am writing? I have often felt the Call of God in my heart, I had committed my talent's to the cause of helpping the orphane's in India, and then it turned on me faster than a skunk raising his butt.
Who are you God? Where are you? I have asked you into my heart, and I have been distracted by so many thing's and yet I can't count on your body of believer's to care, or get involved with, so who do I turn too, the people I used to run with?
So, Jesus, how do you deal with me? How will you show me the purpose for my life? I need to know, I am around real people each day who need to know how this work's for them too, If you won't show me, how will I be able to help my friend's in their time of need?

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  1. Dad,
    Jesus is always there with you. You must open your heart and let him in. I don't think you're completely doing that. Jesus cannot control how church members treat other followers of Christ. We have to find our own path, our own way with the Lord. God does not always open the doors we want opened as he has another purpose for our life. You must trust that he has a mission for you. If Central Christian is not working for you then it is time to find another church. Maybe this is what Jesus is trying to tell you. You may have to visit 20 churches before you find the one you're meant to be at. Start attending some different churches, make new friends, friends that will accept you as you are. God does not work on our time frame either, we must be patient and watch with eyes wide open for the signs God provides. Sometimes they are not so blatant. Have some heart to heart discussions with God and then open your heart and listen. Let the anger be washed away. Praise him for what he has given you, it may not seem like a lot and you may had to work your butt off to get it, but it's still more than a lot of unfortunate folks out there. I love you Dad.