Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tough time's-compassion or self centeredness?

I have been watching people for the past couple of week's, usually my wife is the people watcher and I give her a hard time when I catch heer looking. So I got hooked, sometime's it's fun because we as human's are so habitual and that make's us all funny to watch at one point or another.
A few week's ago I took my grandson to starbucks with me, you know some time away from girl's and to get him some papa time, we read some book's and just visited, however you do that with a two year old. I am a regular at this particular starbuck's, close to my house and I can visit with some of the other regular's that come in from time to time, but this morning, I let Karson read book's and I started watching people, the place was empty, well it was eight AM. I noticed a young lady with her young daughter and it must have been a similar venture for them as well, only they shared a milk and also one doughnut, this touched me and made me realize that the economy has affected this little family, but they were going to still share in this treat together and I could see the joy on the little one's face as she enjoyed half a doughnut with her mother.
The next week we took the grandchildren to McDonald's so they could have a treat and also run off some steam and so it might wear them out so when they slept over that night at our house , they would go right to sleep(it worked). While the wife and I sat I noticed a young family come in, two young boy's and mom and dad sat at the table as they watched their boy's share a blizzard icecream treat, each boy had his own spoon and they very politly took turns to dip in and get a spoonful, and when they finished a portion they very graciously slid the cup over to mom and dad and they ran off to play, I watched mom and dad share the rest of the treat, Mom and Dad looked like they were happy and the boy's were extatic, they were together and had each other, that was obvious, but so was the fact that they came in with one blizzard to share amoung the four of them.
I am not sure how much we care about each other, stranger to stranger, family to family, church member's? Everyone is so busy trying to make it, we all need to squeek out a living, that we are too busy for each other. I am thankful for my relationship's with my daughter's, We still get together, we still do thing's and find away to keep the closeness as a family, We all need to pass good thing's down to our grandchildren, in the tough time's they need to learn what it's all about, they need to learn that when the money is not there that that is not the end of the fun time's, togetherness is not an alternative but rather the mean's to the end.
I am going to stand with a friend through a court trial, he is very scared, he has no one that care's, his children do not care, although they would hold out their hand if he were passing money out, but they won't hold his hand in court, how sad this is, So I will stand once more, conviction sometime's place's us in an action mode and whether stranger of friend, we should reach out to take the hurting person's hand and say I will help you, I will stand with you, I will cry with you, I will give you my shirt, I will give you my food. Jesus said, "if you would do this for the very least of these human being's,
you be doing it unto Me"
We can go to church three night's a week and be there for every sunday morning, but what good are we doing, if during the rest of the week we don't even care for our own church member's, or show love to our neighbors or our friend's, there are so many hurting people in our hurting economic time's. The church would grow in these time's if we paid attention to what Jesus said, "the world would be apart of you by the love you show one another." my venacular, my understanding.

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