Tuesday, February 17, 2009

In a clouded state of mind

Some time back when I was seventeen, I was taking flying lesson's in Alaska and learning to trust the instrument panel for what they are showing you when you can't see anything outside the cockpit. When your flying through the cloud's you don't look out the window's to get your bearings, you drop your head and watch the wings on the panel, you listen to the sound of the engine, you read the RPM's, air speed and so on, if you look out the window for just a second and then glance back at the alltitude, you may have dropped a couple hundred feet in that time period, you may also notice the horizontal wings tilted one way or the other, these things happen so fast when you take your eye's off the instruments, your equalibrium go'es haywire and your mind play's trick's on you.
In the end, when you come out of the cloud's it is refreshing to be able to look out over the horizon and establish eye contact with familure surroundings.
I got vertigo on one of these training flights one time and the only thing that corrected my mind was to look down at the instrument's.
When I am walking through every day living, I sometime's feel like I'm in a state of vertigo, my mind know's what right is, but my body won't perform the way I'm supposed too.
With all the health stuff going on all around me, and the accident's happenning to loved one's, I felt like I was flying with a training hood on, I knew how to fly the plane by watching the panel, but I wanted to see everything going on, and I was trying to do all the right thing's but my instructor was busy training someone else and couldn't hear me. I was doing nose dive's and just clearing mountain peaks, clipping tree top's and actually flying away from the direction I wanted to be headed in.
The training, and going back to my basic belief's, kept me from doing a nose dive. I have alway's believed in Angel's, my faith walk and all that stuff may not be in the greatest shape but I came back through the Angel's.
I believe I can call on the Heavenly Host's to come and perform what ever they do, and I believe they listen when they are called upon, from there on I don't understand how they do what they do, But I have seen the result's first hand, And I just want to thank them for going beyond their call of duty and slipping by me and touching me, giving me renewed courage to continue on. They have reconnected me to the instrument panel and brought me out of the cloud's and shown me the sun shinning above the cloud's.
They have done mighty glorious thing's, He is to be Praised and I know He is going to touch all my loved one's, He is going to bring healing to my loved one's, and comfort too.
As I get my equallibrium back, I want to sore again, Keep showing me the sign's and help me to trust the instrument's as I climb back in the plane.


  1. Kenneth! I am so glad that those angels found you... I think that we all suffer from vertigo sometimes and need to just look down for a minute. May the angels continue to fly circles around you, a circles never ends. Love you, Sheryl

  2. Amen Sheryl! I think you put it best. We all get vertigo sometimes (we're all human), but God is always with us even in our darkest hour.