Monday, February 9, 2009

When friendship's stick

My wife of thirtysix year's now, was standing talking to the preacher dude that married us, and he was literally standing there shaking his head in sheer amazement that we had out lasted his prediction of maybe making it a year, his wife explained to him, "this is one of the one's that "took".
Friendship should be this way too, we need to dispose of ourselve's and promote the friend, we should cancell out "me" and look to them.
Yes, Kathy and I did make it and we are "going all the way" because she is more than I am, with out a question more beautiful too.
I value my wife more than my life and would step infront of anything to protect her and would drop anything and go rescue her if need be, I will not talk bad of her, I would not strike her, I would not betray her, she is the most important thing in my life. My beloved FRIEND!
Jesus said to one of His disciple's"do you call me your FRIEND?" , And on my human term's, you see that's all I am capable of, But I will do everything in my power as a friend not to sell you out. I Love my friend's and have alway's tried to go the extra mile for both friend's and family.
I recently got betrayed by a friend, I am finding it a little more difficult than Jesus to be over looking of such treatment.
I however have another friend who has been reaching out to me for advice and guildence in some of his family matter's, this person needs me and I can't leave him danggling out there on the clothe's line when it's pouring down rain on him, I need to find an umbrella, a warm blanket and some socks that I warmed up in the dryer and go to him, now when he needs a friend.
I will keep honing my skills at friendship, I might not be the best at it but I will work hard at it! I belive if I do a little for my friend's then that's a little less that they have to do. I think that's the glue in friendship.


  1. Hi Bro
    Thanks for your blogs and comments; I'm proud of you for what you do. I love your heart and where your heart comes from.

    I had to chuckle when I you said that Kathy is the most important "thing" in your life; IT'S OK, I know what you meant and everyone else knows too. Believe me, I REread my blogs many times before I punch in "post" and then sometimes I still cringe after I read what I wrote.

    Kathy, Tina and Shelly; you are so blessed to have kentheeskimo, my brother, in your life. There are so many that don't have and would love to have a Friend like him in their lives. Agree?

    I love you all.

    Dad, Dennis

  2. Dad,
    I love you so much and am so grateful to have such a great father! Your friendships with folks has touched me so many times in my life. I take pride in the friend that you are to so many people. Although I don't remember Grandpa Ivanoff too well I do know that you are so like him in the way that you are a friend to people. You are such a good friend. I forwarded you an email this morning and in it I believe it said something along the lines of friendship and the fact that there are friends that come and go in the many season of our lives and I believe God brings those people in and out of our lives for a very specific reason. Even though we may not understand why a friend may have betrayed us, God does and has a very specific plan for that. I love you very much.