Wednesday, February 4, 2009

When Angel's Tend

There are thousands and tens of thousands of Angel's and the many miraculous things they have done, and many people have been touched by them.
It comes close to home for some of us that have been touched by His Angel's, And as I have watched and prayed for Kristina I have been blessed to have it re-affirmed to me in the belief of these Host's that quietly go about their business, how ever they do it?
I have had yet more prayer's answered because of my belief in The Heavenly being's as they have softly touched my heart in a way to make me look at my feeble waning faith,I think to myself and say it out loud,"Oh ye who wander so easily from your belief's".
I try to understand my inexplainable belief in Angel's, I know they come down to us, I know it's not without God's permission,as He send's them to and fro, to heal,mend and give new life, or give a poor soul fresh new air to breath as they were struggling to even inhale the slittest bit of air into their lungs.
I knew they came when in the sky the clouds billow and roll aside in the wake of their wings as they headed west to tend to Krissy, yes and to even tend to my short term faith.
Kristina stared stirring and moving as they swoopped into her room so quietly, and from that moment on her health started with little improvement's, with in day's talking, and then on to walking,yes doing these things that the doctor's said she may never do again, with in day's of doing that, Kristina is told, you may as well go home, there's more to do,but you can check out of the hospital. I belive the Angel's were standing in the room with the doctor's, gathered around holding hands and smiling at each other and giving God a "thumb's up" sign.
When Angel's were in my room and the doctor was looking at the picture of my heart, doc. said, thats funny, "I don't see the damage anymore."
I am eagerly watching Krissy's progress in full anticipation of glorious healing's, We have been shown the attendance of Angel's and the unbelieveable healing power of The blood of Jesus.
As much as I believe in The Tending Angel's , how can I find to surrender my Heart to God? "Oh ye of little faith!" Please tend to the wound's of my heart if you can spare a moment after your done with Krissy.


  1. Eskimo Brother
    I sit here with teary eyes and heart as I have read your blogs thinking, "wow,that's my brother, Kris' uncle.
    First off I want to say that I didn't know that you had started your own blog, and second, I didn't know you could type. For third, I DO know your heart for FAMILY(s) and I just want you to know that you are a HUGE encouragement to me, peronally. YOU are giving LIFE to life, mine, and everyone that knows you. I wish that my Krissy, her husband and her family REALLY knew you and your family as I know you. Isn't it sad that there are people that can only think of themselves, as the world revolves around them? I could name names but I won't.
    I KNOW that "Daddy" has a special purpose for you, and YOU, in the lives of sooooo many people, family or not. Prov. 19:21 says, "Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails." You are willing to allow Him to carry out that plan a purpose in your heart. Many will see that.

    Thank you Bro. for your love and what you continue to do; love family and people.


  2. Bro.
    I need to clarify something in my comment that I just made; I said, "Isn't it sad that there are people that can only think of themselves..." and as I reread that I thought that maybe it sounds like I'm implicating someone in the family that I shouldn't. I appologize for that part of my comment and did't mean it like it sounds. For some reason I was thinking just then that I (we've) know people that don't SEEM to have a relationship with their family as we (you)do and it IS sad that they seem to be "happy" that way. I am so thankful that when there is a crisis like Krissy's that there will be family and loved ones there.

    This is one of those times that, OH, it would be so nice to "take back those words" but I can't and so I guess as I continue on blogging I need to be ever mindful of my thoughts and words before I "post" because "the world is watching".

    Keep up the good work

  3. Dad,
    I love you so much! You bring so much inspiration to me and I aspire to be as caring and helpful as you are to so many people around you! I'm so proud to have grown up with such amazing parents as role models. I am such a proud little Eskimo Girl!! I too believe in angels and imagine that was passed down from you! I believe they are all around us and there to pull us up when we are down. I heard a wonderful sermon yesterday in Church about God's Grace! It's his goodness and all we have to do is accept it! So I tell you this Dad, accept God's Grace and he will carry you through. He will mend your wounds, just let him in and let him work. I love you!