Monday, June 1, 2009

Time....Where did it go.

I was walking out the door of the place I worked for twenty year's and remember thinking I don't have very much time to waste before I need to get another job. I was making call's to invite people to my mother's 89 th. birthday, arranging for food, place's for family to stay, reunion's of people in youth group, thinking I'll never get this ready in time.
Well I have been on my own employment in contracting work now for over a year, God has supplied each day, and new thing's seem to roll in at just the right time.
Mother's birthday came in April, it's june already, we all thought winter was never going to end, time kept moving and we are alway's surprized by that, doesn't stop and wait for us.
I have been not able to input here, just because I wouldn't shut down in time to take the time to input. It's that way with everything in life, if we don't stop to particepate in whatever, the show goe's on and we miss out.
I am talking to myself here, you don't have to listen, but I hope I have the gumpsion and energy to continue on in my grandkid's live's, and be able to make good contribution's of positive input to their live's, I figure, if I can do a better job of this than I did as a parent, then I may have fullfilled my purpose in life.
The balance of four thing's in life are critical to families staying together, spending time, investing time, sharing time, keeping track of time. Did I do a good job of those four thing's? Time will tell, won't it??
In order to reinvest in this thought, I must move on with the grandchildren, I know of two family friend's of mine who don't get the opportunity at all and this really kill's them, so I am taking note of that.
I love you Kathy my wife
I love you Tina my daughter
I love you Michelle my daughter
I love you Abby my granddaughter
I love you Stephanie my granddaughter
I love you Kaitcha my granddaughter
I love you Karson my grandson
I love you my family
I love you my friend's
I hope I have enough time to go around, I will do my best at trying to maintain the balance my time left on this earth for each of you.
My goodness look at the time, how fast it goe's by.

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