Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Unscheduled Stop's

An otherwise strange title with not too much of a plot and not really thought out either, but as I thought of this blog and the fact that it's not really meant for anybody's interest, but innicially put in place to be a mean's for myself to jot down some memorie's and some "all over the place" thing's in my head.
So as you can see those thought's haven't rolled out of the knoggin and onto these page's in quite sometime now, which might explain the title, life's schedule is all over the place too, the problem is it often time's carries me off in all those different direction's without asking me if it's OK with me.
So there I went, off to do this, off to do that, then over here, then over there, all the while, I'm not really aware of where I've been or what I've done, and futhermore I couldn't even keep up with doing what I can't even remember what it was I was doing.
Well that's how I feel alot of the time, It really is an exagerated excuse for not keeping up on the post, because "I can." It's my post!
The truth of the matter is, I really do, do alot and go alot, the unregretable part is , most everything I do is with my family, daughter's and grandkid's. Sometime's this wear's me out physiclly but never get's old. And these are NOT part of the unscheduled stop's but rather the main "STOP", (which is not a stop at all) but rather are on going planned "STOP'S" that are the foundation block's in the value system's of planting seed's in those two generation's behind me.
That's not busy stuff, those stop's are meant for bonding in the family relm and scheme of thing's, I want to clearify that, because there should be no misunderstanding of what "WE" as grandparent's can influence in the live's of "OUR" grandchildren. One reason I touch on this is because this was brought to light in a conversation with an elderly gentalman, who with great regret, said that He is sad to say, envie's what I am able to do with my daughter's and grandchildren. This is actually what He said"I didn't build that with my kid's and certainly regret not building it with my grandkid's."
The unscheduled stop's to me are, not having a job, the car not selling, the scrambling to try not to stop. The stopping to try not to scramble. Religion and not going to church, Religion and trying to figure out where to go to church. The belief in God, being upset with God. And on and on and on and on, what that really describe's is that those are thing's that make me stop when I really hadn't planned to stop, life's stuff, which turn into question's and I end up stopping.
I have to schedule stop's, like writing in this blog, to bypass some of those unscheduled stop's, to help me get back my focus, just happen's to be about family, and not some religious thing.
One other reason is that it renew's my thinking that God placed me in the life of this elderly man's life for a reason, and that it was not one of those unscheduled stop's, but that God planned on me stopping in on this man. And it also renewed a hope in me that God doe's have a purpose for me, this "many stop's, distracted, little eskimo boy."
A note to end on, on the lighter side, I alway's hated making a pit stop while traveling to some destination, inevitebly one of the girl's would have to stop for a potty break, I know there are alot worse unscheduled stop's.

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