Friday, June 5, 2009

Ever changing LIFE

Just thinking.........passing time just thinking. I keep being amazed at life, thing's that happen and sometime's we don't stop and look at this stuff going on around us,I seem to just make adjustments without thinking that there is anything different, and just keep on keeping on.
God however is in control of these ever changing thing's in our live's and just want's us to acknowledge HIM as being in control, something I am not very good at, and so I think HE must keep putting thing's in front of me until I"get it", thankfully HE is very patient with me, very thankful.
The very thing that make's me come to this thought is, Kristina, my very first niece, who not too long ago was in that life threatenning accident. God must still be amazed at the slowness of some of us who take so long to get these message's. That accident affected so many people accross this country, and so many people rushed to gather around Krissy, though many didn't even know her but still rallied around her, I think because we all down deep inside ourselve's know how very fragile life is, and we hope that by coming together in prayer before the Creator that it in someway will help us come to a closer relationship with not only each other but strengthen our own faith.
Thing's in life happen for a reason, I am looking forward to this weekend and next weekend, because Krissy's family is coming together in celebration of a family member graduating from high school, what a way to start life, with family coming together ,and what a place to start healing of family relation's in a place and event of a kid's moving on in life, Oh son be aware of the many life changing event's in your life too come.

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